Discovering the Artisan World of Leu Locati 

It was a simple door, like any other you could find elsewhere- old, worn, yet inviting. However, on that day walking through that door, I was unaware of the incredible story that laid waiting, to be discovered, to be retold. Climbing the stairs and entering the foyer, I encountered a glimpse of this unknown world as busy people passed through a series of doors of all shapes and sizes.

It was here, in the heart of Milan, the Leu Locati story remained preserved on the street of Cosimo del Fante.


Stepping into the historic establishment, every visitor not only can enjoy the bespoke atelier services of the company but have an opportunity to discover the hidden story of Leu Locati for themselves. The experience begins with a casual conversation over coffee followed by a private guided tour of the headquarters. Since every bag is made 100% in house, clients are able to see the phrases of creating the bags-  from the warehouse full of exotic materials sourced from around the world, factory where artisans are busy working, to viewing the final products in the company’s personal showroom.

Many iconic figures have requested exclusively made pieces by Leu Locati, including Princess Diana, Hilary Clinton and Grace Kelly. Other bags that have been adored by members of the high society are part of the Royal Gems Collection.

Appointments can be made by contacting our office at +39-02-5831-0448